5 Renovation Options for your Apartment Showers

Below we take a look at the 5 most common shower renovations options so you can decide what is best for your property and your tenants.  


Option #1: Do Nothing



Pros: Leaving showers as is requires no effort. Showers are easily hidden behind shower curtains.

Cons: Tile and grout showers have multiple failure points and have the potential for water damage. Outdated showers will not match the unit upgrades happening elsewhere in the apartment and show potential tenants that no effort was made to enhance the tenant experience. 


Option #2: Refinish Your Tile



Pros: Tile refinishing is quick and non-evasive. This option is often considered better than nothing.

Cons: Refinishing requires the use of caustic chemicals and downtime. The finish chips over time and feeds into an endless cycle of refinishing. 


Option #3: Install a Shower Surround



Pros: Shower surrounds are reliable, durable and eliminates failure points associated with tile and grout.  

Cons: Installing a shower surround requires opening up the shower walls. Surrounds are bulky and difficult to store. The finished look is aesthetically unappealing. 


Option #4: Re-Tile



Pros: A newly tiled shower looks great and is socially acceptable. 

Cons: Tiles often chip and crack and is time-consuming to install. Over time, the grout becomes less attractive and most tenants have a difficult time keeping it clean. Tile and grout showers have many failure points and have the potential for water damage. 



Option #5: Install RevAquaWalls



Pros: RevAquaWalls installs over tile and grout, eliminating the failure points. These shower walls are lightweight and can be installed in occupied units in less than 2.5 hours by your maintenance staff. RevAquaWalls are available in multiple aesthetically pleasing patterns and adds value to the unit. 

Cons: This shower solution has a higher initial investment compared to some of the other options. 



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