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For projects that go above and beyond standard applications or for those that pose complex design challenges, Surfacequest offers a wide range of surfacing solutions products and services including Revolution Beams, Revolution Wall Panels, Revolution Ceilings, Revolution Clouds, and Revolution Branding Solutions.


Revolution Ceilings
Looking for creative alternatives to a traditional ceiling? Consider using Revolution Ceilings finished with a wood, metal, or decorative pattern. Revolution Ceilings come in 9 standard sizes with over 1,200 patterns to choose from. 


Revolution Beams
Revolution Beams are constructed of a lightweight substrate. This alternative solution provides an affordable way to achieve the look of solid wood beams at a fraction of the cost. Aside from wood-grain finishes, other patterns that are popular for Revolution Beams include brushed metals and high-gloss finishes.


Revolution Wall Panels
Define and accentuate your space with decorative Revolution Wall Panels available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Revolution Panels are thin and lightweight making them easy to install and configure.


Revolution Clouds
Looking for a lightweight alternative to traditional ceiling clouds and canopies? Consider using Revolution Clouds finished with a wood, metal, or decorative pattern. This ceiling coverings solution is easy to install and provides the same aesthetic benefits.


Revolution Branding Solutions
Architectural Fusions make signage and brand compliance easy. With more than 1,200 patterns and styles to choose from, we can easily coordinate with your company’s brand identity. Fusions can also be printed with custom colors, graphics, logos, and text making the design possibilities virtually endless.