Multifamily Bathroom Renovations

Many multifamily owners and property managers know that kitchens and bathrooms provide the greatest opportunity to impress prospective tenants. These rooms are often the reason a tenant will choose a specific unit over another. Kitchen and bathrooms also provide the best return on investment – these renovations have an average of 80% ROI.


For years, fiberglass shower surrounds were the go-to option for covering tile and grout showers because few options were available. Today, multifamily housing professionals choose RevAquaWalls as their preferred solution for their shower renovation projects.  RevAquaWalls are installed directly over tile and grout showers and transform outdated showers to a refreshed and modern look. The benefits of RevAquaWalls overshadow those of fiberglass;


  • RevAquaWalls install in less than 3 hours
  • Can install in occupied units
  • Add value to bathrooms with a high ROI


Return on Investment

The installation of RevAquaWalls is a quick process – owners can install RevAquaWalls in less than three hours. This means owners and property managers can quickly renovate multiple units and dramatically enhance the appeal of the shower and bathrooms. Because tenants often choose a unit based on the condition of the kitchen and bathrooms, RevAquaWalls also allow owners to increase the asking rental rate.


Each corner of tile in a tile and grout shower is a possible failure point. Because RevAquaWalls covers the existing tile and grout, an additional layer of protection is added – which can save owners money and time that coincide with grout failures.


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Style that Appeals

When undergoing any renovation, it is important to consider what most renters are looking for. Knowing your target audience is key and choosing a style that will last several years is important. Because any renovation is an investment, you want to make choices that will remain in style for the longest period possible. RevAquaWalls has 35 pattern choices, that can be viewed here. These patterns provide updated, clean looks that will impress prospective tenants.


Transform Your Bathrooms

RevAquaWalls not only provides a long-lasting solution and generates a healthy ROI but will also impress current and future tenants. Contact Us today if you would like more information on how RevAquaWalls can transform your traditional tile and grout shower to an updated look owners and tenants love.