Pull Back The Shower Curtain




Minnesota-based Surfacequest has found the ideal solution for updating old and outdated tile and grout shower and bathtub surrounds in multifamily units. With the introduction of RevAquaWalls, the company offers cost-effective, high quality and modern solutions in a fraction of the time.


“As members of the MHA, the NAA, and other prominent state apartment associations, we learned from meeting clients nationwide that refinishing old tile and grout is an endless cycle, takes too long, and utilizes dangerous and caustic chemicals,” Brandon Schimke, sales director at Surfacequest, said. “In addition, the cost of retiling is very high, and is time-consuming. We recognized that we were in a unique position to help.”


RevAquaWalls are a lightweight, flexible and easily installed system that can go directly over old and outdated tile and grout or direct to gypsum greenboard. “We designed RevAquaWalls for one person to handle the entire installation from start to finish in under three hours,” Brandon said. “It really is the only product on the market that allows for this sort of speedy installation time. Comparatively, it can often take up to 48 hours to complete a tile and grout installation, and refinishing requires a minimum of eight hours to cure properly.”


While highly durable, the panels are extremely lightweight and maneuverable. The system has no left or right delineations, and its seven, eight, or nine-foot-tall panels are trimmed to fit inside the unit, making it extremely versatile. Surfacequest includes an installation materials box with every RevAquaWalls system that holds everything needed to complete the installation – even a garbage bag for cleanup. “We designed RevAquaWalls so that one person is able to easily complete every aspect of the installation without assistance,” Brandon added.


RevAquaWalls are waterproof, chemical resistant, and grout-free. In addition, they are treated with Agion, an antimicrobial application. With 35 patterns to choose from including stone, fabric, linen, wood, and abstract patterns, being able to complement the look and style of your apartment units is guaranteed.


But it’s perhaps the convenience of the system that presents RevAquaWalls’ greatest value. “Our Midwest-based production facility means that we can ship out RevAquaWalls systems fast,”  Brandon continued. “Surfacequest is not only the inventor of RevAquaWalls – we’re also the manufacturer, and our process doesn’t require any exotic or heavy materials.


RevAquaWalls are shipped in flatpacks to our clients nationwide, and in Canada as well. We understand the multifamily industry and that our clients often need to solve problems immediately in order to keep their units profitable. Whether your building needs 15 systems or over 100, we’re standing by to take care of you so that you can turn your units quickly, separate your property from your comps, and give your tenants an outstanding shower experience.”


The RevAquaWalls system installs fast, is budget-friendly, and is the only product of its kind on the market today. If you are interested in learning more about RevAquaWalls or would like to schedule a mock-up in your community, email today.