RevAquaWalls Case Study

Upgraded Units with an Unsightly Problem

An apartment complex in Illinois recently reached out to with a problem: they have been upgrading their apartment units, but their bathrooms were lacking. The apartment community was searching for a way to match their shower walls to the aesthetic of the rest of the unit. The maintenance team was spending countless hours attempting to make their outdated tile & grout more appealing but were falling short.


The Solution

After selecting a RevAquaWalls pattern, the Surfacequest team traveled to Illinois to train the apartment maintenance staff on how to install RevAquaWalls. The maintenance team picked up the process quickly and understood the 5 installation steps after the first bathroom was complete. The team went on to transform 52 of their bathrooms with RevAquaWalls.





Project Savings

The apartment community realized a 30% cost savings compared to refinishing their tile & grout shower surrounds. This saved the community $23,140 dollars and 2 weeks of time. With the new shower units completed in less than three hours, it freed up the maintenance staff to focus on other renovations and time-sensitive items.





The Impact

Transforming 52 shower walls with RevAquaWalls had a significant impact on the environment; 60,032 pounds of waste were diverted from the landfill. The new shower walls had other impacts as well, shower curtains have been pulled back and leasing agents now showcase the shower and use it as a selling feature. The tenants are happy with starting their day off in a RevAquaWalls shower, and units are leasing faster than before.


Interested in updating the showers in your community? Request a mock-up by contacting or start by browsing the RevAquaWalls patterns here.


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