RevAquaWalls Installation in 5 Easy Steps



RevAquaWalls are a lightweight, flexible and easily installed system that can go directly over old and outdated tile and grout or direct to gypsum greenboard. RevAquaWalls are designed for one person to handle the entire installation from start to finish in under three hours and can be installed by Surfacequest Certified Installers or by your maintenance staff. Surfacequest provides training and support to ensure the installs are a success in your community. 


Prep & Clean

The first step in installing a RevAquaWalls system in your bathroom is to remove all plumbing fixtures and any other bathroom accessories. The walls should be clean and free of debris. If the tile does not extend all the way to the ceiling, ass Greenboard to the top.


Measure & Trim

Next, measure the RevAquaWalls panels so they are level with the ceiling. From the ceiling down, measure and cut holes for the plumbing wall. The system has no left or right delineations, and its seven, eight, or nine-foot-tall panels can all be trimmed to fit inside your shower unit.


Prep the Substrate

After the panels are trimmed to size, apply Black Butyl Primer with a brush around the perimeter of the substrate. Once dry, apply Butyl Tape to the primed areas and pull the tape backing off. Next, apply Silicone Mastic to the wall in a squiggling pattern.


Install the Panels

After the substrate is prepped, use pressure to adhere each of the RevAquaWalls panels to the wall. 


Clean & Finish with Silicone

Clean each of the RevAquaWalls panels and seams with denatured alcohol. Apply Silicone Primer to seams and let dry. After the silicone primer is dry, apply Color Matched Silicone to all seams. Clean excess Silicone with the Silicone Caulking Tool. 


Are you interested in updating the showers in your community? Request a mock-up by contacting or start by browsing the RevAquaWalls patterns here.