Say Goodbye to Grout


Sometimes we do the same thing over and over again – simply because it’s the way things have “always” been done. After all, most of us know that change can be difficult … and the “what ifs” can cause anxiety and uncertainty.


But when it comes to grout – yes, something as mundane as a gritty cement-based polymer – it has overstayed it’s welcome for quite a while now. Just look around! There’s likely tile, and therefore grout, near you; and if you take a closer look at the gritty porous substance between the tiles, it’s probably looking stained, brittle and dull.


RevAquaWalls in the Tacoma pattern


Renters are infamous for being tough on their rental units – including the bathrooms. The cost to keep a welcoming atmosphere – and thus have a steady stream of renters – is astronomical, and fresh bathrooms in each unit likely helps keep the vacancy signs turned off. RevAquaWalls creates the competitive look you want for a price you can afford during turns and renovations.


RevAquaWalls offers time- and money-saving transformations for tired and outdated apartment bathrooms that avoids grout completely. In fact, it provides a refreshed and easily cleanable look without tearing down the entire shower thus saving substantially on time, labor and materials. RevAquaWalls install over the existing tile and grout – in a fraction of the time it’d take to tear down and rebuild. With 35 jaw-dropping patterns – from wood to leather to stone and fabric – you’ll never go back to tile and grout again. No anxiety or uncertainty needed!


Interested in updating the showers in your community? Request a mock-up by contacting or start by browsing the RevAquaWalls patterns here – and let the transformation begin!


RevAquaWalls are a lightweight, flexible and easily installed system that can go directly over old and outdated tile and grout or direct to gypsum greenboard. RevAquaWalls are designed for one person to handle the entire installation from start to finish in under three hours and can be installed by Surfacequest Certified Installers or by your maintenance staff. Surfacequest provides training and support to ensure the installs are a success in your community.