RevRetail transforms existing retail surfaces such as store fixtures, cash wraps, storefronts, cabinetry and millwork.

RevBeams are a lightweight alternative to traditional wood beams and provide a unique aesthetic to any space.

Leave your existing doors in place and transform them in a completely new look with RevDoors.

Dated and damaged elevator doors, frames, and panels are brought back to life with RevCabs.

Architectural Fusions by Surfacequest

Rethinking Commercial Renovations

Surfacequest is changing traditional “rip and rebuild” renovations with its revolutionary surfacing product, Architectural Fusions. Fusions are micro-thin, adhesive backed, architectural overlays that mimic natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and leather. Fusions are sometimes referred to as architectural film, interior film, architectural finishes, or surface coverings. These products have been part of the architectural surfacing solutions commercial landscape in Japan for the last 40 years due the scarcity of natural resources and have recently been introduced to the U.S. architecture and design industry. Surfacequest is leading the charge by developing a new way of thinking within the industry – one that promotes sustainability and eliminates the wasteful and expensive “demo and replace” construction cycle commonly seen in commercial renovations.

Changing the Rip and Rebuild Mentality

Architectural Fusions represent an entirely new opportunity in commercial renovations by allowing for the reuse of existing structures and surfaces by transforming them and giving them an entirely new look and feel, at a fraction of the cost compared to natural materials. Fusions have the power to change surfaces from wood to metal, metal to leather, leather to stone, and then back again. The old paradigm of “demo and replace” is shifting to an “adapt and reuse” model and Architectural Fusions make adaptive reuse more efficient than ever before.

Diverting Construction Waste From Landfills

With certain natural materials getting scarcer, architects and designers need options for creating the looks they want, without negative environmental or social impact. Architectural Fusions fill this need perfectly by eliminating the need to manufacture new products and by minimizing the carbon footprint associated with new material extraction, manufacturing, and distribution. Every square foot of Architectural Fusions used in a renovation project diverts eight pounds of construction waste from entering the landfill. To date, Surfacequest has helped its clients reduce landfill waste by more than 65 million pounds. In addition to supporting sustainability and eliminating construction waste, Fusions provide numerous economic benefits. Fusions help reduce construction timelines which saves time, money and the typical disruption that goes along with traditional renovations.

Architectural Surfacing Solutions