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Building a Greener Future

At Surfacequest, we believe in creating a sustainable future for architecture and design. Architectural Fusions offer eco-friendly renovation alternatives to traditional construction materials, allowing architects and designers to bring their creative visions to life without harming the environment.
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Pioneering Sustainable Construction Practices

As we navigate an era of growing concern over depleting natural resources, it has become imperative for the construction industry to prioritize sustainable practices. At Surfacequest, we recognize construction materials’ significant impact on our environment. We offer Architectural Fusions as sustainable alternatives to traditional building materials.
31  million pounds
landfill waste reduction

8  pounds per sq. ft.
construction waste diverted from landfills with every square foot of Architectural Fusions used

Responsible Renovations

When you choose Architectural Fusions for your renovation projects, you actively contribute to waste reduction efforts. With every square foot of Architectural Fusions used, we divert eight pounds of construction waste from entering landfills. This substantial contribution positively impacts our environment and ensures a greener and more sustainable future. Our collaboration with clients like you has reduced landfill waste by over 31 million pounds.

Lower Carbon Footprint

One of the most significant benefits of Architectural Fusions is their ability to minimize the carbon footprint associated with traditional construction materials. By using Fusions, we eliminate the need to manufacture new products, reducing the environmental impact of material extraction, manufacturing, and distribution.

Faster Construction Timelines

Architectural Fusions not only help the environment but also speed up construction timelines. Fusions enable quick and efficient installation by transforming existing surfaces and avoiding the wait for new material manufacturing. Shorter construction periods save time, money and minimize the typical disruptions associated with traditional renovations, making it a win-win for you and the planet.
Our Impact

A Greener Tomorrow

In addition to waste reduction efforts, we are committed to giving back to nature. Each year, as a token of our gratitude, we plant trees as part of a global forest fire recovery fund. These trees reforest lands damaged by record-setting fires, support healthy habitats for iconic biodiversity, and include species that will help mitigate the impacts of future fires.

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