Green is the New Black in Renovations: Reuse old doors? Yes, you can!

A common turnover item in hotels is the door. A door is a heavily used and necessary item in the hotel business and as such, almost requires its own budgetary allotment. Unsightly scuff marks or other damage to doors happens regularly and the only option at some point becomes the replacement of doors building wide. If your doors do manage to live a longer life than most, they’ll likely become outdated and still need to be replaced. There is a better way: Architectural Film from Surfacequest solve this problem for you in a stylish, cost effective, and sustainable way.

Give Old Doors New Life

By simply resurfacing your doors with Architectural Film, you’re making use of a still fully functional item and breathing new life into it. You also contribute greatly to keeping our landfills freed up by keeping those same doors out of them. This is a win-win on so many levels, and we have yet to mention the fact that it’s far less expensive to cover your existing substrate (your door, in this case) with our Architectural Fusions than to completely replace an otherwise functional door. There is also very little downtime when resurfacing a door with Architectural Fusions as our Certified Installers apply the material while the door is still on the hinge.

Project Feature:  Resurfaced Doors at the Flamingo

We recently did a mock-up at the Flamingo using Architectural Film and resurfaced this door. Check out the results:


architectural films


With Architectural Film (what we call our Architectural Fusions here at Surfacequest), the Flamingo was able to save money, promote sustainability, and end up with an end product that was aesthetically suited to their branding needs.

Sustainably Beautiful

There’s simply no need to throw out and replace something that still has plenty of life to live and usability to offer. In the hotel industry, repairs and refreshes are constant, but they don’t need to be more of a strain on your budget and the earth than necessary. Contact us at Surfacequest with any questions or to brainstorm ways to keep and beautify the surfaces you currently have.

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