Renovate, Reuse, Recycle: Give your Old Space New Vibes while Staying Green

Whether you’re a rooted business that’s continuing to see profitable growth or a new company just spreading its wings to fly, your image is an important aspect of your business. It’s not simply vanity driving your quest to create a flawless and enduring brand image; you’re doing it to meet the desires and needs of the consumer. Good business practice requires it, and you’re a great business. So what happens when your space needs a serious facelift? Do you gut the place and start over? Or could you access an aesthetic solution like architectural overlays to solve your problem? We’re here to tell you that the latter option is one to seriously consider.

Save Money, Stay Green

If you’ve got sound structures to work with, you can save piles of money and time by using architectural overlays like the Architectural Fusions offered by Surfacequest. One of the best parts of this option is the fact that you’re critically reducing waste created by a typical rip and rebuild while at the same time reusing the material you already have. There’s no reason not to consider renovating with architectural overlays, but if you’re still not convinced, check out this project we did recently for SpringHill Suites.


architectural overlays


The outdated, old surface of this cabinet was reused and made beautiful again with the simple and inexpensive option of Architectural Fusions from Surfacequest. This is a clean, sustainable process that puts money back into your wallet and puts smiles on the faces of those enjoying your space.

Promote Sustainability & Refresh your Space

Renovate sustainably with architectural overlays (Architectural Fusions) from Surfacequest. Contact us today and we can help you brainstorm ways to use the material you already have to refresh your space. You’d be surprised what a simple overlay can do for a space in terms of aesthetics and beautification. Your outdated area will feel new and fresh, and best of all, you’ll have done mother nature (and your fellow humans) a favor by going green with your renovation.

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