Are Your Hotel Doors Eligible for a RevDoors Transformation?


RevDoors enhance existing hotel doors with Architectural Film to make them look new again.  As a hotel owner, manager, or staff member, you may wonder if RevDoors is the right fit for your hotel. Any smooth, non-porous door that is in working order with a dated or unsightly finish is well-qualified for a RevDoors transformation.

RevDoors is an ideal application for hotels with frequent design changes, tight timelines, and when efficient budgets are necessary to present a fresh look without the inconvenience of lengthy and messy construction.

Frequent Design Changes

Guests are continuously searching for the same comforts and conveniences of home during their hotel stay. Keeping up to date is a priority for successful hotels. Hotels ate typically renovated every couple of years to maintain revenue goals. When a hotel experiences a drop in occupancy, it may be time to consider a facelift for their property. Signs such as chipping paint or dents in guestroom doors may suggest that it is time for an update.

Tight Timelines

A RevDoors installation takes less than 90 minutes per door and has no associated odors or sound disruption. This means RevDoors can be installed on occupied hotel floors. Other options such as door painting or staining can have an impact on revenue because the hotel must partially shut down portions of the hotel until the doors are dry and odor is mitigated.

Efficient Project Budget

Your maintenance team will be free from the hassle of sanding and repainting every few months, saving your hotel time and material costs when you choose to update your hotel doors with RevDoors. Considering replacing your guestroom doors all together? Think again – RevDoors has a 50% cost savings over door replacement and has a 5-year installation and product warranty.


If you are interested in learning more about RevDoors or would like to schedule a mock-up in your hotel, contact us today.


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