[Case Study]: How Metro Grocery Saved 37%+ on Their Remodel Project

The Montreal-based Canadian food retailer Metro Grocery approached Surfacequest when they wanted to highlight and guide customers to the new in-store Nescafe coffee bar.



The Solution

The Surfacequest team worked in tandem with Metro to develop a solution that fit their brand standards and could be easily rolled out to multiple Metro Grocery locations.

After selecting an Architectural Fusions pattern that matched the aesthetics of Metro Grocery stores, the Surfacequest team sent a prototype of a RevBeams fixture to Canada. Unlike traditional wood beams, RevBeams are light-weight, easy to install, and cost less than the alternative.

Project Savings

Metro Grocery realized a 37% cost savings compared to traditional wood beams. This saved each store location $3,650 dollars and over 5 working days’ worth of time. Because RevBeams are lightweight, Metro also saved a significant amount in shipping and installation costs.



Environmental Impact

Utilizing RevBeams over traditional wood beams had a powerful impact on the environment; 13,440 pounds of waste were diverted from the landfill per store. Choosing RevBeams also saved approximately three mature trees per store from being cut down.

Customer Impact

The RevBeams installation now successfully draws customers towards the Nescafe coffee bar and creates a boutique-like experience for shoppers.  A win for Metro Grocery and their customers.


RevBeams are fabricated from light-weight materials and finished with Architectural Fusions, an architectural film overlay available in more than 1,200 patterns. This alternative solution provides an affordable way to achieve the look of solid wood or metal beams at a fraction of the cost.


For more information on how to enhance your guest’s shopping experience with RevBeams by Surfacequest, contact us today by calling 952.835.2880 or emailing sales@surfacequest.com.


Enhance Your Guest’s Shopping Experience

For more information on how to enhance your guest’s shopping experience with Architectural Fusions by Surfacequest, contact us today.

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