Ceiling Design Done Right: Beams

Interior design in your space is important. It gives the first impression, can impact the psychological flow of the people who enter the room, and reflects on your brand and function. As much as we tell people not to judge a book by its cover, that is exactly what most individuals do. There’s no getting around it. Because of that fact, we don’t want you to overlook a pivotal point in any room: the ceiling. Although your ceiling can be left neutral and boring, it can also be used for design good. A feature like beams has the capacity to completely transform a space.

When you utilize beams, you are making excellent use of your interior design impact. Ceiling beams help bring cohesion to a room and tie an otherwise unruly space together. With Architectural Fusions, your options are unlimited and the creativity of your design team is your only limitation.

Beams give you the flexibility to infuse either warmth or a cool, modern aesthetic into your room. They allow you to simply, quickly and cost-effectively change your design appeal. Our lightweight beams can be interlocked to span great lengths, adding an even greater wow factor. When your time and money is best spent building your company, a beautiful, clean application to refresh your ceiling is the perfect update.

The sky truly is the limit with ceiling beams, and when you pair them with Architectural Fusions, your options are endless. For design questions and help, contact the professionals at Surfacequest today. We are dedicated to helping you refresh your space with less waste, in less time, and with the greatest friendliness possible to your checkbook.

Use your ceiling to make a statement in your next redesign, remodel, or update. Gorgeous and lightweight ceiling beams will not disappoint you. Contact us today and head to our portfolio or design inspiration.


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