3 Interior Design Trends for your Corporate Space

Interior design seems to rush along as quickly as fashion with undulating trends and rapidly changing ideals. There are certain trends that are worth taking note of, however. These are the statements that will endure for long enough to make the change worth it. When it comes to corporate interior design, it’s imperative to make certain that refurbishing is done only when necessary and with the greatest care in mind of the company budget.

With that said, here are three corporate interior design trends to integrate into your next office space refresh.

Don’t be Afraid to Go Dark

When it comes to color choices, balance is key. It’s worth noting that a statement wall of a bold nature can make a thoroughly impressive impact on your space and give the dramatic flair needed to liven up your office. Find that balance by complementing the dark with grays, ivories, or taupes.

Choose a Super-Scale or Geometric Pattern

Pick a statement wall and instead of using the long time popular small-scale patterns that abound, go for a super-scale or geometric pattern to stand out and establish the lively personality of your company.

Mix the Pattern Palette

While this corporate design trend may seem quirky initially, the impact of mixing patterns can create a positive lasting impression on visitors and when applied well, looks fabulous in many settings. Mix and match tiles, wall coverings, or Architectural Fusions from Surfacequest for a trendy and confident design statement.

Corporate Interior Design

The name of the game for corporate interior design is to stand out. Find a designer whom you trust to reflect the true nature and personality of your business and trust them to mesh trendy statements with mature design tactics to create the perfect corporate space for you and your employees. For truly versatile, cost effective, and an efficient refreshing of your office, contact the experts at Surfacequest. We’ll work alongside your designer to perfect your corporate interior.


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