Elevator Transformations with RevCabs

A Functional, Beautiful Elevator Experience

Elevators are an extension of your space. Updated elevators provide an opportunity to match the style of your brand and create a pleasant and unique experience for the user. It is important to make your tenants and guests feel comfortable and safe throughout their elevator journey.


Turn-Key Service

The Surfacequest team works directly with property managers and building owners to transform dated and damaged elevators, making them a look new again. Our team offers turn-key services from design assistance to installation.

Pattern Selection

Partners choose from our selection of Architectural Film patterns to find the right pattern that meets the design aesthetics and budget requirements for their project. Cab panels, doors, and frames can all be transformed with Architectural Film. Interested in gathering samples for your project? Email us at sales@surfacequest.com.

Little Downtime

RevCabs offers elevator renovations with little downtime. Installed in just one day by Surfacequest Certified Installers, building tenants and guests experience very little disruption.  Property managers and owners have substantial cost savings on time, labor, and materials compared to the cost of replacement.

The RevCabs Process

Interested in elevating the look of your elevators? The first step in the process is to send photos to sales@surfacequest.com of the current condition of your elevators. Next, we will determine your timeline, and the areas you would like to be completed. We will take into consideration other elevator elements such as lighting and flooring that you may be also renovating. After this is determined, we will coordinate with the elevator company to shut down the elevator for the duration of the project. We will then work with you to determine the best installation time so there is as little disruption to your tenants and guests as possible.



RevCabs is an economical way to update the look of your hotel, multifamily, retail, and commercial elevator cab panels, frames, and doors. For more information, contact us!

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