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A hotel room door can elicit excitement for the valorous vacation-goer or provide a sign of relief to the tired traveler. A proper door acts as a barrier and provides guests with a sense of safety and solitude. The entrance to a hotel room makes an impactful mark on how the guest values their security and overall perception of their stay.

According to research conducted by PwC, leisure and business travelers alike describe room quality as the number one deciding factor when they choose where to stay. The perception of the room quality starts with the room’s entrance; the hotel room door.

Hotel First Impression

Industry Trends

As hospitality industry trends move towards minimal, simplistic and modern styles, the focus has shifted towards doors as an opportunity to make a statement. RevDoors offers an endless variety of colors, shades, patterns, and styles available to best please you and your audience. View our pattern library to browse looks that will impress your target guest demographic.

hospitality industry trends


The look, feel and design of a hotel room door directly translates to the perceived safety of guests. A door cluttered with dents, dings and other visible marks of wear may make the guest feel less secure in their room. Compare this image to a room with a clean, well-maintained door. The feelings these situations both conjure may be subtle, but they make an impact. 

Hotel doors also provide a tangible (and integral) layer of security. Fire-rated doors are an essential part of every hotel’s fire safety model – all hotels require fire-rated doors. Fire doors save lives by stopping fire and smoke from spreading quickly in the event of a fire emergency. RevDoors meets Class A Flame Spread ratings as well as Fire Doors and Assemblies UL ratings 10B and 10C. This makes RevDoors the perfect solution for renovating areas where strict fire and smoke development ratings are required.


Transform Your Doors

Transform Your Doors

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