Hospitality: April Conferences

Surfacequest recently attended the Radisson Hotel Group Owner’s Conference and the HotelPoint Conference. We were there to demonstrate how Architectural Fusions can help owners and operators in the hospitality industry refresh the look and feel of their properties without having to rip out and rebuild but instead reuse and refresh, saving time, money and waste from the landfill.

The Who

The hotel industry has become newly competitive here at the dawning of the 21 st century. It is expected that by 2025, millennials will represent 50% of all travelers. These tech-savvy pilgrims will have new demands about the technological capacities of the places they stay. Besides Wi-Fi options and cable television access, they also enjoy shared, public spaces and are less inclined to lock themselves away and order room service. Having open, inviting, and well-designed spaces is the way to bring them back again the next time they come to your town.

The What

International travel is on the rise as well and so your facilities must be inviting to everyone (not just those traveling in-country). Leisure travel continues to be on the rise, and so having a cohesive and updated decor palette is becoming more important. Modern travelers are also eco-friendly and expect the places they stay to match those priorities.

The Where

Today, more than half of your outreach is going to be through social media sharing and web reporting. You want to make sure that your rooms, restaurants, and public spaces are going to look good on every Facebook mention for a family vacation, newlywed Instagram picture, and Yelp review. To do that, you’ll need an inexpensive means to create a new and clean image for your whole facility.

The Answer

Surfacequest’s Architectural Fusions can be the answer to the hospitality industry’s needs for the 21st century.  In particular, our solution for refinishing doors, elevators, canopies, and shower surrounds utilizing Architectural Fusions is both innovative and cost-effective.  With over 1700 patterns to choose from that look and feel like wood, leather, metal, and stone, the possibilities are endless.  Whether you are attempting to create the look of a rustic ski chalet, a technologically advanced conference center, or creating an art deco finish for the hip, in-the-know tourist, our Fusions are your starting point.

Give us a call today to find out how Architectural Fusions can transform the guest experience at your hotel!

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