Hospitality with Architectural Fusions

Atmosphere is everything in the hospitality industry: whether it’s giving a convention center that tech-forward feel, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for a hotel lobby or the homespun rustic look for a Vermont bed and breakfast. Architectural Fusions can give you that look and feel without the time and expense of a major rip-and-rebuild construction job.

The hospitality industry is built on creating an ambiance that people want to come back for. We can help you create just the right feel for your hotel, motel, hostel, or Airbnb rental. We can help you reinvent walls, re-purpose columns, reclaim selves, and re-brand signs to create your desired level of welcoming ambience, art hipness, cultural aesthetic, historical hallmark, or color contrast. We can even help you create a feature wall or custom statement piece to give each room just the right sense of art-cool you are looking for.

Architectural Fusions can help you create the perfect feel without tearing out costly walls or replacing expensive doors. Our micro-thin surfaces fit over your existing walls, cabinets, and doors to give your space a whole new aesthetic. With over 1,200 different surfaces, from metal to wood to leather to stone to choose from, you can create just the right feeling for your space.

Architectural Fusions save you money on both construction costs and down time. They give the same look without the costs of expensive dark wood accents, they are easier to maintain then glossy steel. They are easy to maintain and resilient to sun, scuffs, and marks all while saving landfill space. Every square foot of our architectural overlays offsets 8 pounds of construction waste entering our landfills.

If the look and feel of your space is everything in the hospitality industry, then Architectural Fusions allow you to create just the right atmosphere for your cliental much faster, cheaper and more environmentally sound then trying to rebuild your space from scratch. Make money by saving money while still creating that home-away-from-home that will bring clients back again-and-again.

Hospitality with Architectural Fusions


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