Modern Retail Surfaces & Fusioned Fixture Magnets

Ever wonder how different businesses are staying up-to-date with their new look and modern designs?  SurfaceQuest presents simple, bold, and sustainable designs with fusioned fixture magnets.


Many brands have turned to the use of minimalistic design elements in their stores. This includes less distracting store elements and the use of sleek and efficient fixture design.  The minimalistic design method allows the store’s product to take center stage.  Store fixtures have a neutral, clean look and often emulate natural materials like wood or stone.  The biggest benefit of this trend? Neutral toned and natural looking fixtures have a long lifespan.  While seasonal products come and go, the look of natural and neutral store fixtures continuously look fresh and up to date. The minimalistic look evokes feelings of happiness – a feeling shoppers will want to add to their own shopping carts.


Counter Wrap Fusioned Fixture Magnets Wood Surfaces architecture minnesota

Sephora uses their cash wrap as an extension of their brand, with crisp, clean black and white stripes.

Modern Retail Surfaces & Fusioned Fixture Magnets

Alluring Backdrops

Brands strike a balance between fun and functionality by devoting spaces that drive excitement for shoppers. Bold backdrops and cash wraps promote image sharing across social media sites and customer engagement. Interactive, custom prints encourage shoppers to take and share photos while promoting the brand. This play and stay mentality keeps shoppers in the store longer, evokes a connection with the brand, and encourages their followers to visit.


Vera Bradley Cash Wrap Fusioned Fixture Magnet MN architect

Vera Bradley uses their cash wrap as a vibrant store focal point.

Sustainable Designs

Stores have shifted focus from replacement to reusing existing store fixtures as a means of sustainable design. Fixtures are updated and wrapped with Architectural Fusions, achieving looks ranging from wood to stone, minimalistic to branded statements. Reusing existing fixtures not only saves money, but also saves on the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill. Architectural Fusions provide new life to tired displays and have transformative powers in the retail environment.

Wilsons Metal Retail Space Leather Surfaces MN Services

Wilsons Leather transformed their existing metal frames with Architectural Fusions, giving them a clean, modern matte black finish.

Fusioned Fixture Magnets

Fusioned Fixture Magnets are another way stores are implementing sustainable design. Retail stores are using fixture magnets to transform their existing store fixtures. Fusioned Fixture Magnets provide an easily changeable solution. Created with micro-thin, adhesive backed Architectural Fusions, these magnet overlays cling to fixtures and emulate materials such as woods, stones, leathers, and metals. Fixture Magnets are an affordable way to update the look of retail fixtures and allow stores to stay on-trend.



Fusioned Fixture Magnets provide a sustainable and easily changeable design solution.

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