Mullion Makeovers

What exactly are mullions? 

A mullion is part of a window frame and divides and separates the window frame into sections. Mullions often act as a structural component and help transfer the upper levels’ wind load and weight into the structure below. Most often, storefront systems are composed of extruded aluminum framing and insulating glass.



Dated Mullions

Because most mullions are structural, they are often left untouched during renovations. This causes a problem for retailers who want to update the look and feel of their space. Mullions with outdated finishes stand out and can quickly become an eyesore. 

New Construction 

Mullions used in new construction projects are often a standard aluminum finish. For many spaces, an aluminum finish will not flow with the rest of the space. When the mullions do not match the aesthetic of the space, they can become unpleasing to the eye. 

Mullion Makeovers

Wrapping mullions with Architectural Fusions is a fast way to transform the look of your space. Surfacequest updates mullions of all sizes. Our certified Installers wrap mullions with adhesive-backed, UV-rated film, making them look brand new again. With over 2,000 finishes to choose from, your mullions can match the aesthetic of the rest of your space. The installers work quickly, transforming your mullions in just a few hours without any odor or mess of construction. 


Mullions in an Earth Bar Cafe in California were wrapped in a walnut Architectural Fusion to match the natural aesthetic of the rest of the store.


The metal mullions used in the new construction of the Earthbar in Newport Beach, CA, were updated to mimic natural wood using a walnut Architectural Fusion.

Start Your Mullion Transformation

If your space has mullions that do not match the rest of your space, contact Surfacequest today to start your mullion transformation. Our team will guide you through finish selection and provide a competitive quote to make your mullions look new again. 

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