The New Age of Design — Fusion Style!

It is true that the power of creativity and human ingenuity knows no bounds. Our main goal is to create unique architecture and design solutions in the built environment; which will in turn enhance quality of life, and we use Architectural Fusions to accomplish that. Fusions are thin, architectural overlays that utilize proprietary pressure-sensitive adhesive and come in many patterns (around 1,200 options) that are designed to emulate natural materials such as stone, wood, metal and leather. Fusions have been in use in Japan for the past four decades due to scarce natural resources. Since Fusions make it possible for buildings to emulate the same appearance as natural materials in a cost effective way, Fusions have now been introduced to the U.S. architecture and design industry. Fusions are also referred to as architectural film and finishes, surface coverings or interior film.

We believe that a successful architectural project is a synthesis of history, technology, culture and inspiration. To achieve this, we treat each project by evaluating it individually. By respecting the uniqueness of an existing architectural structure, we design cost-effective solutions by integrating architectural films, incredibly creative architectural designs and a passion to promote working, learning, living and healing. We promise excellent design and the highest level of professionalism when it comes to providing architectural solutions that are innovative, thoughtful, unique and beautiful.

Effective Integration

Architectural Fusions can be perfect for all commercial spaces, and can be extremely useful in the hospitality and retail industries.  These type of projects run on tight deadlines and are looking for creative ways to spruce up interior spaces within budget and without the need for a lengthy, messy and often times annoying renovation process that puts everyday business processes on hold for the entire duration of a traditional renovation.


Surfacequest has successfully completed many projects with a wide range of scope that has only been possible because of our years of experience working on restaurants, retail and hospitality projects.

Now you can renovate sustainably with architectural overlays from Surfacequest. Contact us today, and we can help you brainstorm ways to refresh your space.


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