Refresh Your Office Space the Smart Way

Your office space looks like the 80s came for a visit and never left. Or maybe it’s the 50s. Whichever decade you and your staff are currently living in, you know it’s past the time for a refresh and facelift of your interior space. This study shows that a person’s workspace does indeed affect their productivity, and employers are catching the drift. The problem is an office renovation can be incredibly expensive, noisy, and messy, and all of these things affect the workflow of a company. The answer to your renovation woes is a secret you need to learn about before moving forward with your office space renovation project.

Lower Your Costs

When you renovate using Architectural Fusions, you’re turning the renovation industry on its head. Not only do you save money by avoiding the costly hassle of tearing out and rebuilding structures, you’re saving money by way of fewer hours of labor to make a full scale reno happen. Add to that the reuse of the surfaces that you currently have, and you’re handing out a huge favor to the environment and your pocketbook.

Compress the Office Renovation Timeline

When you avoid the timely matter of demolition and rebuilding, you save yourself a lengthy period of office renovation time. When all you’re doing is resurfacing what you already have, the time savings are massive.

Keep the Office Open During Renovations

In addition to the lowered costs for labor and supplies along with the decreased timeline compared to a rip and rebuild renovation, you’re looking at money saved because you can keep your office running during the install of Architectural Fusions. The noise pollution (and therefore distraction level) is low and allows you to keep business flowing as usual.

These overlays can be as simple or complex as you’d like them to be and can be branded and modified to fit your needs. Save money, time, and contribute toward the goal of less waste by pursuing an office renovation with Architectural Fusions from Surfacequest.


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