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Architectural Fusions are ideal for commercial spaces including hospitality, retail, healthcare, and corporate office environments. We work with companies and individuals that are involved in the design, construction, and interior renovation of commercial spaces including interior designers, architects, developers, general contractors, owners, managers, and end users directly.


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Ongoing evolution and innovation is vital to the retail industry in order to compete with online retailers. The pressure is on to compete in this new retail landscape. Brick and mortar retailers are forced to create enhanced shopping experiences in order to compete. This need to adapt is driving store renovations and refreshes to improve the overall customer experience. Because budgets remain conservative, retailers are looking for innovative ways to keep renovation costs down such as reusing existing materials whenever possible. Architectural Fusions fill this need perfectly. Ideal applications for Architectural Fusions in retail environments include cashwraps, checkouts, store fixtures, refrigerated cases, display cases, doors, walls, columns, millwork, signage, and branding elements.

“’Integrity of materials’ is one of my profession’s mantras. It is a line I thought no faux material would ever cross. The Architectural Fusions product from Surfacequest, especially the wood patterns, has definitely crossed that line. You really do have to see it to believe it.” Principal – Minneapolis, MN



Architectural Fusions are ideal for the hospitality market where frequent design changes, tight timelines, and efficient budgets are necessary to present a fresh look for guests and customers, without the inconvenience of lengthy and messy construction. Traditional renovation projects can be very disruptive but Fusions can be installed with virtually no noise, odor, or debris. When Architectural Fusions are used to transform existing surfaces, downtime is minimized, therefore decreasing the potential for lost revenue for hospitality clients. Ideal applications for Architectural Fusions in the hospitality market include doors, walls, soffits, elevators, columns, ceilings, kitchenette units, vanities, cabinetry, check-in desks, and furniture like wardrobes and headboards.  

Thanks again for re-surfacing the hotel room doors at our property.  Our challenge was most of the doors were close to 50 years old!  We couldn’t replace the door slabs due to welded hinges in the frames and the frames were rock solid in the walls.  The doors were beat up, some only needed resurfacing on one side and some had a heavy texture on them.  The Surfacequest team handled it all as quoted (no change orders) and with skill and precision.  I mentioned to the crew they were part artisan to make these doors look new again.  Hotel Property Owner – St. Paul, MN

Surfacequest is a Hilton Recommended Partner.



Healthcare environments such as hospitals, clinics, and other medical and dental offices are ideal spaces for Architectural Fusions because of their clean-ability. There are also several anti-microbial patterns available. Ideal applications for the healthcare spaces include walls, doors, columns, reception desks, millwork, ceilings, elevators, and signage.

“Scheduling was very easy.  Everything was done in a professional and timely manner and our client was very pleased with the end result.  Looking forward to the next project!”  Project Manager – Minneapolis, MN


Corporate Office

Our commercial focus and expertise is rooted in creating innovative solutions for transforming surfaces for property renovations, tenant improvements, and new construction. Architectural Fusions are an economically-feasible option for satisfying sustainable design initiatives with less downtime and minimal disruption to building tenants, guests, and business operations.  Architectural Fusions create solutions for building owners and managers looking to transform outdated finishes without the downtime, expense, and disturbance of a complete interior renovation or for those looking to reduce costs during new construction.

“Our problem? We had a Class ‘A’ building with a dated and worn out three-story feature wall. Surfacequest, working with our designer, not only brought it back to Class ‘A’ – but Class ‘A’ with impact! What a value!” Senior Property Manager – Minneapolis, MN