The Power of Architectural Film (With Before and After Transformations)

Visual transformation is a powerful catalyst for businesses. When an old space is redesigned, the brand and company communicate a willingness to change when necessary, a value of forward movement and progression, and an appreciation for the comfort and pleasure of its clients and staff. All of these messages can be relayed with a simple remodel of an existing space. At Surfacequest, we deal in the transformation of spaces, and our favorite tool is Architectural Film.

Reuse for Everyone’s Benefit

With Architectural Film, you get to reuse your existing surfaces. There’s no tearing out of walls, furniture, columns, and cabinets. With minimal waste and stunning turnaround times, we can transform a dull, lifeless room into modern, cozy, colorful — whatever look you’re hoping to achieve — place that visitors will feel welcome and comfortable in.

When you recover existing surfaces with an Architectural Film, you’re making the choice to preserve natural resources by not having to create new from virgin material. You are also protecting and enhancing your assets by beautifying at a fraction of the cost of a traditional renovation, and it’s all done with the same end result of a remodel.

Our Architectural Films come in over 1700 visual variations of color, texture, material, and gloss. On top of the rainbow of solid colors we offer, there are abstract patterns, wood grains and metal looks, whiteboard options, stone, leather, stucco…if there’s a look you want to achieve, it can be done with Architectural Films.

Before and After: Dress your space to impress.

Enough talking: check out these before and after photos of a couple of projects we’ve done. As you can see, both spaces have a completely different feel to them with the simple addition of Architectural Film. They’re beautiful, they’re versatile, they’re resilient, and they’re the best way to update any room.

Architectural Film


Architectural Film


Architectural Film
Before above, after below

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We love to bring new life to your spaces while simultaneously keeping construction waste out of our landfills. Join us in our endeavor to beautify sustainably.

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