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Restore Retail Fixtures with Surfacequest

Architectural Fusions allow you to reuse and transform existing store fixtures and surfaces rather than ripping them out and replacing them with new materials. Surfacequest can help you create a unified brand experience with more than 1,200 Fusion pattern options available including wood-grain, stone, metal, leather, metallic, solid-color, high-gloss, and decorative finishes. Fusions can also be printed with proprietary colors, custom graphics, and logos, making the design possibilities virtually endless. Ideal applications for retail include cash wraps, cases, displays, feature walls, fitting rooms, counters, doors, columns, beams, storefronts, and signage.


Project Feature: Fusion Installations at Mall of America

restore retail fixtures

Surfacequest has provided surface solutions to several retailers at the Mall of America in Minneapolis over the past few years. Our most recent projects include the storefronts at Subway and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Other projects previously completed at Mall of America include The Running Room, Slurp & Snack at Nickelodeon Universe, and the mall’s guest services desk.

On the Subway storefront, the column on the left features Fusion Wall Panels in a teak wood pattern. Fusions are an affordable solution for easily creating custom, high-end wall panel designs.

Build-A-Bear Workshop
The interior outline of the bear’s silhouette cutout features Architectural Fusions in a light wood pattern. The depth and contrast between the light wood underlay and the brand’s signature blue bear cutout adds nice dimension to the storefront display.

The Running Room
The Running Room storefront features one of the most coveted patterns for retail – high-gloss red! In addition to our standard pattern offerings, Fusions can also be custom printed with graphics, logos, and proprietary brand colors.

Slurp & Snack at Nickelodeon Universe
Sleek, white Architectural Fusions were installed on the trim throughout the Slurp & Snack concession area including the trim surrounding the fountain station. Fusions are very cleanable so any mess from the soda machine can be wiped away easily.

Guest Services Desk
Architectural Fusions make the feature wall behind the Mall of America Guest Services Desk sparkle! Fusions can be installed quickly without excess mess or disruption to customers – in fact, this overnight transformation took place during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Design Firms & Project Partners:

Subway, Cuningham Group | Build-A-Bear, Metal Design Systems | Running Room, Sign Force

Slurp & Snack, MOA | Guest Services Desk, DLR Group



Thanks to new design innovations such as Fusions, there is no need to overload the dumpster and landfills anymore – you can salvage and restore retail fixtures (existing structures and surfaces!) for a completely new look without any of the waste. To date, Surfacequest has helped its clients divert more than 65 million pounds of construction waste from the landfill. Let’s continue this trend together and help share the possibilities of adaptive reuse.  Contact us today to discuss your project.

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