[Project Spotlight] BoxLunch Storefront

Surfacequest is proud to partner with BoxLunch, a novelty retail store launched by Hot Topic. The Surfacequest team is assisting the retail chain with their national rollout of fresh storefronts, using our fingerprint-free matte black fusion over existing substrates.


Prior to Architectural Fusions

Like many retailers, prior to using Architectural Fusions, BoxLunch used steel for the fronts of their stores. The material was heavy, expensive to ship, and had long lead times.

Benefits of Fusions

Utilizing Architectural Fusions for the storefronts has allowed the brand to reduce costs. Architectural Fusions also has a much quicker turn around time compared to traditional materials and allows for a more efficient speed-to-market. Surfacequest Certified Installers install Fusions overnight, so retailers like BoxLunch experience minimal downtime.


Architectural Fusions are micro-thin, pressure-sensitive architectural overlays that come in more than 2,000 patterns designed to emulate natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and leather. Fusions are sometimes referred to as architectural film, interior film, architectural finishes, or surface coverings. Architectural Fusions are installed by Surfacequest-Certified Installers who maintain the highest installation standards, safe work practices and provide maximum customer satisfaction.

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