Reatec Brings it’s “A” Game with Newly Updated Architectural Fusions Pattern Choices

Architectural Fusions are a powerful way to refresh any space. They give you the option of renovation without the price tag and waste that comes with a traditional tear and toss remodel. Here at Surfacequest, we’re particularly excited about our newly launched pattern library featuring some great brands of Architectural Fusions. The one we’re going to highlight here is the Reatec Architectural Fusion.

The Pattern Library: Let your imagination do the talking.

Reatec offers over 700 premium patterns to choose from. Our top choices among them are metallics, woods, and abstract looks. They’re clean, realistic, and offer a sharp update to any smooth, non-porous surface. Whiteboard options are now available as well.

Custom colored whiteboards, realistic metals and wood grains, and beautiful pops of abstract color aren’t the only options Reatec offers. There are also leather looks, stone Fusions that are breathtakingly realistic, an array of solid colors, as well as fabric and stucco options. Mix and match your surfaces as you design, and your only limit is your creativity.

Save and Sustain

With Reatec, you’re looking at saving money, saving time, and renovating sustainably. There’s far less waste when you’re resurfacing rather than replacing a wall, door, column or existing millwork. And the beauty of Architectural Fusions like Reatec is that you won’t know the difference from the real thing.

Check out the video below highlighting the benefits of using Reatec in your remodel or renovation and discover why Architectural Fusions are the best choice when it comes to quickly, cost-effectively, and beautifully refreshing your space.

For more information on Reatec and using Architectural Fusions to renew your hotel, retail space, office or clinic that needs a design facelift, contact the pros at Surfacequest. Schedule a project consultation with us and we’ll help bring your ideas to life.



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