Retail Store Design Improvements

Creating the perfect retail store takes a combination of finding the right products, hiring friendly and knowledgeable staff, and building the perfect space in which to bring them all together. When it comes to creating that perfect space, you have two choices: you can hire a construction crew to tear out the old space and then spend weeks, or even months, rebuilding your new space. Or you can save money and time by re-purposing the old space to make your perfect retail store dream come true.

Surfacequest Architectural Fusions allow you to re-purpose old walls, original columns, mismatched shelves, dirty doors, and unartful cabinets to create your idealized retail space. We offer more than 1,200 different patterns that are designed to emulate natural materials like wood, stone, metal and leather. We can help you to build a whole new look for your work space without the work of wholly rebuilding that space.

We can help you to create a new look for a brand new store, or to update the look of an old store. We’ll give your old space a whole new look all while keeping your expenses down, and without needing to close shop. Our micro-thin architectural overlays can be adhered to all of your current walls, doors, columns, shelves, cabinets and signs, without your closing for a single day.

Not only are architectural fusions a faster and cheaper way to build, or rebuild, the look of your retail store, but they are more environmentally sound than tearing everything out and starting over. Every foot of refurbished space that is not demolished and rebuilt saves 8 pounds of construction waste being towed off to your local landfill. In just 15 years, Surfacequest products have saved 65 million pounds of construction waste being added to our nation’s waste sites.

You already have great products, and the best staff, let Surfacequest help you to build the retail store of your dreams around them.

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