Retail Trends: The Race to Stay Relevant



Shifts in retail trends are pushing brands to the edge; stay relevant or get forgotten.  Retailers that yearn to play competitively in today’s market must utilize innovative products & solutions to remain significant. Embracing innovative products allow retailers to adapt to the changes happening within their brick & mortar stores.

Change in Store Dynamics

With the addition of automated retail experiences such as online shopping, self-checkout, and delivery lockers, the need for in-store personnel has reduced. There is now a higher demand for hiring additional logistics, warehouse, and tech positions located outside of brick and mortar stores.  Top retailers are positioning themselves to remain relevant by developing and expanding packaging and shipping facilities to meet the demands of the online shopper’s needs.

The Importance of Customer Experience

As the number of retail stores decline, the average square footage per store is projected to rise. This means retailers must recalibrate and place their focus on the in-store customer experience – not just sales. The return on investment for creating a memorable in-store experience occurs when customers utilize enhanced logistics centers when making their purchases.  A compelling in-store experience leads to increased sales.

Creative Reuse with Architectural Fusions

Brands that aim to tailor the in-store experience for today’s shoppers can do so in a cost-effective manner with Architectural Fusions. RevRetail supplies Architectural Fusions to the retail market by offering graphics & custom printing, storefronts & branding, in-store fixtures and beams, and fusioned magnets for fixtures. If you are interested in learning more about Architectural Fusions for retail,  please contact us here.

Architectural Fusions are micro-thin, adhesive backed, architectural overlays that mimic natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and leather. Fusions are sometimes referred to as architectural film, interior film, architectural finishes, or surface coverings.


The mission of Surfacequest is to embrace and drive transformational change that benefits our clients through unique and cost-effective adaptive reuse, product and design solutions utilizing Architectural Film.


Read more about the use of Architectural Fusions for retail here.

Architectural Fusions For Retail

Read more about the use of Architectural Fusions for retail.

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