Retail’s Secret Weapon



What do the retailers above all have in common?

Each of these brands has utilized Architectural Fusions as their secret weapon to transform existing retail surfaces and make them look new again.

What are Architectural Fusions?

Architectural Fusions are micro-thin, pressure-sensitive architectural overlays that come in more than 2,000 patterns designed to emulate natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and leather. Fusions are sometimes referred to as architectural film, interior film, architectural finishes, or surface coverings. Architectural Fusions are installed by Surfacequest-Certified Installers who maintain the highest installation standards, safe work practices and provide maximum customer satisfaction.

What Can be Transformed?

Existing retail surfaces such as fixtures, cash wraps, millwork, storefronts and signage can all benefit from the transformative power of Architectural Fusions. Surfacequest offers over 2,000 patterns across fur brands of Architectural Fusions, allowing us to provide the best value solution for your retail project.


What are the Benefits?

Retailers who utilize Architectural Fusions benefit from limitless design options, allowing them to match their unique brand standard and achieve the design aesthetic they strive for. Because Architectural Fusions can be installed overnight, retail brands also benefit from minimal downtime and a quick speed to market. Architectural Fusions eliminate the need to manufacture new products and by minimizing the carbon footprint associated with new material extraction, manufacturing, and distribution. These items save on time and materials costs which maximize the return on investment for Retailers.

Brands that aim to tailor the in-store experience for shoppers can do so in a cost-effective manner with Architectural Fusions. Are you interested in working along the top brands that use Architectural Fusions for your retail surface transformations? Join our email list here, or email the Surfacequest Team at Browse our selection or Architectural Fusions patterns here.

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