RevBeams: Heighten the Look of Your Retail Space

RevBeams are fabricated from lightweight materials and finished with Architectural Fusions, an architectural film overlay available in more than 1,700 patterns. This alternative solution provides an affordable way to achieve the look of solid wood or metal beams at a fraction of the cost.

RevBeams for Retail

RevBeams are an efficient solution for retail stores because they are lightweight (which also means economical to ship), easy to install, and cost less than traditional ceiling beams.  RevBeams are not only eye-catching, but they also provide unique benefits in the retail environment.

Defined Shopping Space

Ceiling features create an inviting space that tell shoppers where to go.  The structure of a ceiling becomes a guide and wayfinder for shoppers. This allows retailers to showcase merchandise. Defined spaces within a store are great spaces to promote new arrivals, seasonal and on-sale products.

The Shopping Experience

Each time a shopper visits a store, they form an impression. This is not only based on the store’s merchandise, but also the space of the store. Factors such as store size, aisle width, and height of the products come into play. As stores strive to provide a boutique-like shopping experience, retailers are looking for ways to create intimate shopping spaces. RevBeams are available in any length. This allows retailers to tailor their ceiling to meet the needs of each store.

Reinforce Your Brand

A tailored ceiling allow stores to reinforce the look and feel of the brand. A metal pattern provides a completely different aesthetic than a wood-look pattern. A common pattern choice is matching the store’s branding. With over 1,700 patterns to choose from,  Surfacequest will certainly help provide the look your store strives for. Custom printing and color-matching options are also available. As branding and retail trend change, RevBeams can be re-wrapped to achieve an entirely new look.

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