RevDoors Case Study

While a large hotel planned an upcoming renovation project, they reached out to see how they could improve the look of their 1,800 guestroom and maintenance doors. The current flat slab, fire-rated doors were in working condition but were in need of a facelift to match the updated look of the guestrooms and corridors.  The hotel faced a decision; they could replace the doors at a significant cost and generate over 100,000 pounds of unnecessary landfill waste or they could refresh and reuse their existing doors with RevDoors by Surfacequest.

The Right Solution

RevDoors provided a great solution for the project.  Because RevDoors are installed on the doors while left on the hinge, installation is completed in under 90 minutes per door, with no odor or mess that is traditionally associated with construction projects.


Project Savings

The hotel realized a 59% cost savings compared to replacement.  In addition, installation time compared to replacement was cut by 5 months and over 100,000 pounds of waste were saved from the landfill. The hotel not only saved time, money and waste, but they achieved their goal – to provide an improved and updated look for the hotel’s guest room doors.  As you may know, first impressions and the condition of the guest room door significantly impacts a guest’s experience. You can read more on that, here.

Transform Your Doors

RevDoors work on any existing smooth, non-porous substrate like sealed wood, laminate or metal. Doors are transformed into a completely new, refreshed and easily maintained look.  With over 50 patterns to choose from – woods, metals and leathers – you can resurface existing doors without the traditional waste and downtime associated with replacement. RevDoors are also Class-A Fire Rated and UL10B and UL10C certified. View the transformative power of RevDoors and our entire pattern selection here.


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