Set the Atmosphere with RevClouds



A lightweight alternative to traditional ceiling canopies, RevClouds allow you to creatively define the atmosphere of any space. RevClouds are easy to install and provide unique aesthetics and acoustical benefits.

“Exquisite details make interiors sing.” – Larry Laslo, Designer

RevClouds for Retail

In a time where online shopping is so easily accessible, it is important for retailers to address the wants and needs of in-store shoppers. Those who venture in-store yearn for an experience. Thoughtful retail design understands that the ceiling plays an important function of the store. The ceiling contributes to the entire look and feel of a space. RevClouds provide both acoustical and aesthetic benefits that are designed to fit the needs of any store.

RevClouds for Hospitality

Many hotel guests are increasingly searching for a unique, boutique-like hotel experience. Common gathering spaces like hotel lobbies and cafes are an integral part of a hotel stay. Suspended from the ceiling, RevClouds achieve a modern look while reducing noise and reverberation. RevClouds helps achieve the look and feel of an intimate setting in even the largest of spaces.  View our RevClouds gallery here to see the impact they have on varying types and sizes of spaces.


Whether you want to make a bold statement or have RevClouds blend in with its surroundings, you can achieve either. There are hundreds of Architectural Fusion patterns to choose from when customizing RevClouds. View the available patterns in our pattern library, here. Standard RevClouds sizes include:

  • 24″X24″,
  • 24″X48″
  • 24″X60″,
  • 24″X72″,
  • 24″X96″,
  • 30″X30″
  • 30″X60″
  • 48″X48″
  • 48″X60″

In search of a different size? Contact us and we can discuss a custom RevClouds size that suits your needs.

For more information on how to enhance your space with RevClouds by Surfacequest, contact us today.

Applications For Architectural Fusions

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