Stand out with a Custom Statement Piece

What if there was a way to redesign your space with something completely unique to “you”? Creating custom designs is a challenge on a large scale unless you’re able to access exclusive artwork. That option is expensive and not replicable and sustainable for many companies. There is, however, a way to create a custom statement piece in a room without breaking the bank and while remaining fully unique to your brand. Your answer: custom Architectural Fusions from Surfacequest.

Custom Statement Wall: The Sky’s the Limit

Not only do we offer hundreds of different prints, colors, and patterns to choose from, but we can create a custom statement piece to perfectly fit your particular needs. The Surfacequest team can work with you and your design team to create something truly one-of-a-kind and exclusive to your branding all while staying within a reasonable budget.

Project Focus: Custom Printing for Radisson

Check out this custom statement piece project we recently did for Radisson.


custom statement wall

This is a completely custom print fit for an individual company to set themselves apart from the status quo, don’t you think? Radisson commissioned the artwork, we printed the artwork on our Architectural Fusions and then provided a seamless wrap install that allowed the artwork to flow consistently on the custom wardrobe. We loved the outcome of this project, and so did our clients.

Dream Big with Custom Prints

What’s your custom statement dream? We can help it come true with expert design teams equipped to handle whatever ideas you have for us. Our goal is to make your vision come to fruition in the most authentic and least costly way possible, all with the use of our Architectural Fusions and solutions products. One of the ways we make that happen is by creating custom prints for you and your business.

Contact us today with any questions and we’ll help you make your vision come alive.


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