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In the last Surfacequest core values blog post, we looked at what it means to be an innovator. If you missed it, you can read it here. The second Surfacequest core value we will dive into is Changemaker.

The Oxford Dictionary defines changemaker as ‘A person who works actively to effect positive social change.’ At Surfacequest, we aim to be changemakers and drive to transform, refresh, and provide sustainable design solutions. We push back on industry norms to illustrate that there are more cost-effective and sustainable design solutions available.


As you may know, Surfacequest transforms existing surfaces with Architectural Fusions. Surfaces are not the only thing we transform, however. We also aim to transform the thinking and actions of Owners, Architects, Designers and Property Managers alike. It is most common for plans to call for rip and rebuild types of renovations. Surfacequest hopes to transform this thinking and to show our clients that an adapt and reuse model is more efficient and environmentally conscious.


Surfacequest is a changemaker in what it means to refresh a surface. For many people, refreshing a surface may simply mean demolition and new construction. Our team at Surfacequest can see the good in dated or worn surfaces. We refresh these surfaces with Architectural Fusions and provide them with a completely refreshed and updated look and feel.


The traditional renovation model can be very unsustainable – materials in working order are often thrown out, when they could be reused and given a new life. Surfacequest aims to educate and promote sustainable renovations. Every square foot of Architectural Fusions used in a renovation project diverts eight pounds of construction waste from entering the landfill. To date, Surfacequest has helped our clients reduce landfill waste by more than 65 million pounds. In addition to supporting sustainability and eliminating construction waste, Fusions provide numerous economic benefits. Fusions help reduce construction timelines which saves time, money and the typical disruption that goes along with traditional renovations. We strive to be changemakers and provide sustainable design solutions.

In our next core values blog post, we will look at what it means to be a problem solver.

If you are interested in learning more about Surfacequest’s mission statement, core values, or products, contact us today.

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