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In our last core values blog post, we looked at what it means to be a problem solver. Today we look at the core value focus, and how it supports our mission statement. The mission of Surfacequest is to embrace and drive transformational change that benefits our clients through unique and cost-effective adaptive reuse, product and design solutions utilizing Architectural Film.

Remaining focused means maintaining a clear vision. Surfacequest is focused on promoting Architectural Fusions as a cost-effective and sustainable design solution. We are devoted to installing high-quality products through our talented, Surfacequest Certified installation team. Our team’s attention is also focused on delivering successful projects for our clients.

Industry-Specific Focus

Surfacequest is focused on the hospitality, multifamily, retail & fixture markets. Remaining focused is important because we know how to maximize the benefits of Architectural Fusions in these markets. This focus allows us to continue to deliver successful projects and learn from past projects.  Because of our knowledge in these markets, our team is able to serve as industry professionals and drive transformational change that serves each industry.

How Focus Impacts Our Products

Remaining focused has had a great impact on the products that we offer. Because we are focused in the markets mentioned above, we created products to better serve each demographic. RevDoors, RevAquaWalls, RevRetail, and RevPlus+ each address industry-specific needs. Through these products, we hope to continue to drive our solutions and products as sustainable design solutions.

Spotify Founder Danielle Ek says, “Put your consumers in focus and listen to what they’re actually saying, not what they tell you.” Surfacequest hopes to do just this – focus on the needs of the clients within the hospitality, multifamily, retail & fixture industries.

In our final core value blog post, we will look into the importance of building meaningful and long-lasting partnerships.

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