Surfacing Options for Your Renovation Needs

Your retail space, office, or hotel needs a facelift. It’s outdated, dingy, and feels like a trip back to 1979. And not in a good way. The problem is, you need the renovation done quickly, as unobtrusively as possible to your customers, clients, visitors, and staff, and within a budget. A typical tear and toss remodel doesn’t fit the bill for your needs. It’s noisy, messy, drawn-out with inevitable issues and red tape, and touts a hefty price tag. You need to make a play: surfacing options through Surfacequest is your home run.

Style it Sustainability

Let’s say you have a space that needs a modern feel. You want it comfortable, yet sleek. Metals, dark leathers, cool wood grains, stone, and mirrored looks with pops of color would be an ideal solution. By using your existing walls, doors and millwork, our surfacing options give you an endless variety to create a perfectly suave space to run your business.

What if you want your room or building to be warm, cozy, and neutral? You’re looking for a calming aesthetic that exudes an earthy feel. Warm wood grains, soft leather, a neutral color palette, fabric, or stucco surfacing options would all be a great choice to remodel your space.

Dress to Impress with Endless Surfacing Options

Looking for something entirely different? Mix and match our patterns and colors to create your ideal space. One of the best parts of this style of renovating is that you’re using what you already have and making it beautiful and of the times again. This saves you money, precious hours, and creates the same authentic feel of real wood, metal, or fabric veneers or solid materials.

Sustainably recreate your space with the endless surfacing options of Architectural Fusions from Surfacequest. If you’d like a project consultation or have any questions about Architectural Fusions and your surfacing options, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We love re-creating spaces that are perfect for our clients and we are passionate about doing it with minimal waste and maximal results.


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