Update Your Fixtures and Increase Sales with Architectural Fusions

Retailers are constantly looking for an edge over their competition. It’s one thing to have the highest quality merchandise or the least expensive products, but how you present your work to potential customers will make an enormous difference in the number of sales you can expect. Having a crisp, clean presentation for the display of your products can make the difference in deciding which product the customer goes home with.

This may mean making changes to your entire store or just creating new and enticing displays to help to emphasize certain products. Surfacequest Architectural Fusions allow you to create an elegant, enticing display area, whether large or small, to highlight your products in the eyes of potential consumers.

Endless Options

Our patterned architectural films allow you to create a whole new look for walls, columns, soffits, supports, and ceiling designs to fashion your own branded appearance for your showroom or display area. With over 1700 different designs to choose from ranging from wood, metal, stone, and leather to the strategic placement of interesting and colorful patterns, our Fusions are sure to draw the eye to your display areas. We will work with you to create the perfect look to make your retail space stand out.

Impactful Displays

Surfacequest can also supplement attractive displays to call attention to specific products. We’ll work with you to create innovative display cases and beautify shelves and cabinets to promote your product. We can add just the right look to sell your goods as well as amp up display signs and branding to keep your merchandise at the forefront of the minds of potential customers.

Customization on Call

With the help of a skilled designer, all of our clients can capture and present a design scheme that matches their needs and the capacity of their display area. All of our Architectural Fusions come with certified custom technicians to install your new look and a three-year warranty on all products and installation. Our expert installers will not rest until we make your merchandise, and you, look good in the eyes of your customers.

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