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Mullion Makeovers

  What exactly are mullions?  A mullion is part of a window frame and divides and separates the window frame … Continue reading

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Fusions For Architects & Designers

What are Fusions? Architectural Fusions are micro-thin, architectural overlays that come in over 2,000 patterns designed to emulate natural materials such as wood, … Continue reading

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How Top Grocers are Using Fusions

Grocery Stores partner with Surfacequest to transform their surfaces and to create a wide variety of looks that coordinate throughout their … Continue reading

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[Project Spotlight] J.Crew Storefront

  Surfacequest recently completed a new storefront concept for J.Crew, using panels and tubing wrapped with an exterior-rated, Architectural Fusion … Continue reading

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Customize Merchandise Displays With Architectural Fusions

Retailers use merchandise displays to present their product to entice buyers to make a purchase. Merchandise displays are often a … Continue reading

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[Project Spotlight] BoxLunch Storefront

Surfacequest is proud to partner with BoxLunch, a novelty retail store launched by Hot Topic. The Surfacequest team is assisting … Continue reading

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[Project Spotlight]: Hy-Vee Floral Beams

The West Des Moines, Iowa-based supermarket chain Hy-Vee announced they are completing 14 store renovations to be completed by early … Continue reading

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[Case Study]: How Metro Grocery Saved 37%+ on Their Remodel Project

The Montreal-based Canadian food retailer Metro Grocery approached Surfacequest when they wanted to highlight and guide customers to the new … Continue reading

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Retail’s Secret Weapon

        What do the retailers above all have in common? Each of these brands has utilized Architectural … Continue reading

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Project Warranty & Support

    Surfacequest strives to solve your project needs in a fast and professional manner. As a partner, we equip … Continue reading

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Cashwrap Case Study

    Cashwraps (also known as checkout counters and cash wells) play a vital role in any retail store. They … Continue reading

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Retail Trends: The Race to Stay Relevant

    Shifts in retail trends are pushing brands to the edge; stay relevant or get forgotten.  Retailers that yearn … Continue reading

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The Surfacequest Guide to Retail Rollouts

      Architectural Fusions are an economical way to quickly execute a consistent look for new and renovated store … Continue reading

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Set the Atmosphere with RevClouds

    A lightweight alternative to traditional ceiling canopies, RevClouds allow you to creatively define the atmosphere of any space. … Continue reading

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architectural wall panels

RevBeams: Heighten the Look of Your Retail Space

RevBeams are fabricated from lightweight materials and finished with Architectural Fusions, an architectural film overlay available in more than 1,700 … Continue reading

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Retail Store Design Fusioned Fixture Magnets Minnesota services

Modern Retail Surfaces & Fusioned Fixture Magnets

Ever wonder how different businesses are staying up-to-date with their new look and modern designs?  SurfaceQuest presents simple, bold, and … Continue reading

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Update Your Fixtures and Increase Sales with Architectural Fusions

Retailers are constantly looking for an edge over their competition. It’s one thing to have the highest quality merchandise or … Continue reading

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retail renovation

Update Your Retail Space with Architectural Fusions

Retail Renovation When you’re in the retail business, you’re selling aesthetics. You and your team are drawing consumers in with … Continue reading

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architectural surfaces

Surfacing Options for Your Renovation Needs

Your retail space, office, or hotel needs a facelift. It’s outdated, dingy, and feels like a trip back to 1979. … Continue reading

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Ceiling Design Done Right: Beams

Interior design in your space is important. It gives the first impression, can impact the psychological flow of the people … Continue reading

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Architectural Fusions Design in Retail Stores

Retail Store Design Improvements

Creating the perfect retail store takes a combination of finding the right products, hiring friendly and knowledgeable staff, and building … Continue reading

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